I-205 Abernathy Bridge


AGS is part of the 1st largest project OR has launched!

Over 100,000 vehicles a day use the seven-mile stretch of I-205 from Stafford Road to OR 213 in Oregon City. This bottleneck is the last two-lane section of I-205 and drivers experience nearly seven hours of traffic backups and congestion each day.

We are addressing these issues with the I-205 Improvements Project, which is part of a regional Urban Mobility Strategy. The I-205 Improvements Project is intended to reduce congestion and crashes, while also making travel times shorter and more predictable. Project improvements will also allow I-205 to remain open and passable following a major earthquake.

This Project consists of seismic improvements and widening of the 1-205 bridge over the Willamette River between Oregon City and West Linn, as well as realignment of the intersections on both sides at highways 43 and 99. There are twelve-foot diameter drilled shafts up to 230 feet deep, new substructure including crossbeams of up to 2500 cubic-yards of concrete each, steel plate girders, and a scheme for widening the bridge over the river requiring both the NB and SB structures to be translated eight feet laterally.



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