Queue Detection, Alternate Route Warning Systems, Fleet Management, and More


Bringing smart technology to work zones.

Smart Equipment

At AGS, we carry a range of portable and permanent traffic control equipment with smart capabilities: detection, interpretation, and automation


  • Smart Message Boards
  • Arrow Boards
  • Radar Boards
  • Automated Flagging Devices
  • Automated Traffic Lights



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Queue Warning Systems

Queue detection is key to Smart Work Zones. Detection technology can determine queue length, then connected smart message boards can help motorists anticipate upcoming traffic situations. Help keep drivers safe and informed through your work zone.

Smart Messaging: Travel Time/Alternate Route Planning

Provide motorists with the information they need – travel time and alternate routes to prevent unexpected back-ups.



Automated Traffic Control

Warn motorist of the possibility of vehicles crossing, or automate a traffic light/flagger system when you’re reduced to one lane. Using smart tech improves worker safety and reduces capacity for human error.


Data Collection

Vehicle detection, GPS, radar, and more can combine to give you a clear and accurate picture of your work zone and the road users passing through.


Remote Fleet Management

All Smart Work Zone equipment can be linked through Fleet Management Software; this allows the user to monitor, maintain, and manage traffic control equipment from any laptop, tablet, or smartphone.



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