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Our President Arti O’Brien was a featured speaker at a panel discussion on what leadership traits are imperative to building strong management skills and leading successful teams. As we continue to recover from this pandemic, strong leadership is needed now more than ever. From the corporate and small business community to non-profit organizations and working professionals, building a cohesive team, and working towards a common goal is key to getting us into that next phase of recovery.

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Arti O’Brien, Seminar

Why Hire Us?

Benefits of Hiring a Full-Service Traffic Control Company

As the 2021 construction season ramps up, many Prime Contractors are confronted with a critical decision regarding “Is it better to utilize my company’s in-house flagging/traffic control talent or hire a full-service traffic control services company like Advanced Government Services (AGS)?”

If you are like most Prime Contractors in the Pacific Northwest, you are juggling many project commitments, you are confronted with labor shortages, you are concerned about meeting project deadlines, and coming in under budget.  While traffic control is typically the last thing most Prime Contractors think about in planning the execution of a project, the traffic control function is a critical component for the successful completion of a project on time and for maintaining the highest levels of safety throughout the duration of the project.

Since 2003, AGS has delivered superior full-service traffic control services and road safety equipment for the simplest to most complex, high visibility traffic control projects ranging from residential flagging to more complex projects such as Stormwater/Sewer, Bridge, Arterial, and highway projects involving multiple crews and TMAs.  What are the benefits of using a professional, certified full-service traffic control company, like AGS, in your next project?


Key Benefits:

  1. One Stop-Shop: AGS can create your Traffic Control Plans (TCPs), provide all necessary trained traffic control labor and equipment (anything from signs to PCMS and Arrow Boards to TMAs, etc.), from pre-project launch through completion of the project.  AGS Traffic Control Supervisors and Project Managers partner with Prime Contractors to determine the most cost-efficient and safest way of managing the execution of projects.
  2. Risk MinimizerAGS employees work year-round on all types of traffic control projects, under various working conditions, etc.  Our field crew is experienced, seasoned and well trained. This is their livelihood, not a side job to fill in for gaps in other work.
    • Types of Risk
      • Safety, Safety, Safety: AGS protects the Prime’s employees, AGS field crew, other subcontractors, and general public.  Our most important job is making sure everyone gets home safely.
      • Project Completion date: Prime Contractors still maintain control of the overall project, including ultimate Traffic Control Management responsibility, but you can place your trust in AGS to execute on the traffic control portion of the project.
      • WSDOT, ODOT, and Project Owner documentation requirements:  Timely completion of documentation and project reports such as filing of Intents and Affidavits, Certified Payrolls, traffic control reports, invoicing, etc.
  3. Improved Project Management and Efficiency:  Using an experienced full-service traffic control company allows Prime Contractors to devote more time and focus on overall project management and allows you to use your own company resources in higher value types of work on the project or on other projects.
  4. Collaborative Partner:  Experienced, full-service traffic control companies can provide valuable collaboration to Prime Contractors regarding traffic control safety best practices.

Finally, AGS can offer one more IMPORTANT BENEFIT by enabling you, Prime Contractors to meet your DBE Condition of Award (COA) goals on federally funded projects set by WSDOT, ODOT, and other agencies by utilizing AGS to fulfill your project’s traffic control needs!

To learn more about what a full-service traffic control company, like AGS, can do for you, take a look at our company website at or give us a call to discuss your project needs at 253-531-9782, Ext. 1.

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Women in Construction Week

At Advanced Government Services we are celebrating Women in Construction week, if you have not had a chance to meet our Owner and President, here is your chance to do so.

As Owner and President of Advanced Government Services, Inc. (AGS), Arti O’Brien acquired AGS in late 2016 and is headquartered in Tacoma, Washington. Founded in 2003, AGS provides end-to-end traffic control and road safety services on roadway construction projects across Washington, and has recently expanded into Oregon. AGS is both a federal and state certified DBE and WBE in both Oregon and Washington. Prior to acquiring AGS, Arti had a 30-plus year career in the tech industry – holding positions with Motorola and HTC. Arti felt the pull of entrepreneurship and decided to jump across industries to bring her decades of business development experience to AGS.

Moreover, O’Brien noted that relationships are crucial to her business.  Capturing her beliefs, AGS’s mission is to be Customer Obsessed, Employee Builder, and a Risk Minimizer.“We work in such a high-risk environment and safety is must always be top of mind, so having the client’s trust is important,” she said, adding those relationships extend to organizations such as NAMC-OR/WA and the transportation departments in Oregon and Washington.

“These key organizations are priceless because the relationships and connections you make there are amazing. They can be your cheerleaders and influencers. They can do a lot,” she said.

AGS is proud to employ a very diverse group of individuals with a high percentage of employees being women, minorities, and individuals who are being provided second chances.

Arti continues to be a leader in the Construction Community, here are a few articles featuring her, also if you would like to learn more about the Women in Construction events organized by NAWIC, Puget Sound click here

Arti’s interview with ABC Western Washington

Arti’s interview on strategically utilizing debt with the UW Foster Consulting and Business Development Center

Arti’s interview with South Sound Business


Arti O’Brien, Celebrations

From high tech to traffic control

Arti O’Brien is the owner and president of Advanced Government Services, Inc. (AGS), based in Tacoma. Founded in 2003, AGS provides traffic control and road safety services. Prior to acquiring AGS in early 2017, she had a 30-plus year career in the tech industry – holding positions with Motorola and HTC. Arti felt the pull of entrepreneurship and decided to jump across industries to bring her decades of business development experience to AGS.

We recently caught up with Arti to see how she’s been doing, hear about her unique career path and the value of ABC of Western Washington (ABCWW).

How did you decide to make such a unique career change – from high tech to traffic control construction? 

I always had a dream of being an entrepreneur and owning my own business. I felt that entrepreneurial pull especially in the years before I bought AGS. I wanted to help people, mentor them and coach them, because I personally didn’t have mentors early in my career. I wanted a way to give people a second chance in their careers. I had been very blessed in my career and thought it was time I give back in this way – this let me fulfill my dream on multiple levels. I went looking for a business that was already established but had a lot of opportunity to grow. I wasn’t looking at any specific industry, but my husband and I end up in the construction industry with a traffic control company.

How has AGS evolved since you’ve come on board?

The original founder had done a fantastic job growing the company, taking it from nothing to something. They hit a point where they began to struggle with growth and I thought I could bring my experience to the table and take it to the next level. When I bought the company everything was analog, despite doing significant business. The first thing I did was create a whole digital footprint for everything we do. We invested a lot in buying new trucks and refreshing our infrastructure. What made this possible was having the right people in place, people of the right caliber, education and experience. None of us came to this company with a construction background, but they all had the necessary entrepreneurial startup mentality.

Another change is that we recently went from non-union to union shop. AGS was always a non-union shop until December 2019. This was a strategic business decision because, we were missing out on too many business opportunities by not unionizing. When I first took over, the union came after me hard when they saw the growth and movement happening with AGS. It was a battle I had to fight and I kept them at bay. We received a lot of support from ABCWW with this issue and they helped us navigate it. The union back then was coming after me and after my employees, trying to convert them – that didn’t work, they weren’t able to get enough people to join voluntarily. But last year, we decided we need to do this on our own terms and started negotiating internally. It was a strategic decision based on increasing the opportunities for business. When I brought the decision to my employees, I explained why we were doing it: this would open doors for us and give us more opportunities for projects. They embraced it.

Read the full article on ABC Western Washington 

Arti O’Brien, Interviews

Financial insights on strategically utilizing debt for business owners.

Our President Arti O’Brien was recently a part of a Seminar series organized by the UW Foster Consulting and Business Development Center. The topic of discussion was What lessons have business owners learned from strategically utilizing debt? How can CEOs determine which loan products best match their needs? What makes a strong business loan application? Learn how and when to use debt for business from other CEOs and business leaders. Leave with skills you can use today!



Arti O’Brien, Event


AGS is DBE certified!  UBE and DBE is a federal designation created to promote opportunity for for-profit small business concerns where socially and economically disadvantaged individuals own at least a 51% interest and also control management and daily business operations. African Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans, Asian-Pacific and Subcontinent Asian Americans, and women are presumed to be socially and economically disadvantaged.

Advanced Government Services, Inc. is certified as a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) for projects funded by the Federal Highway Administration (FHA). This new certification is due to changes in the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Program that impact small and diverse business goals. Only UDBE firms will count towards FHA funded transportation project goals. WSDOT has implemented this program to be in compliance with the Federal DBE program regulations.

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