Liberty Maintenance SR99 George Washington Bridge

“Beginning in May 2019, AGS began the first of a series of weekend closures on the SR99 Aurora Ave Bridge in Seattle, WA for WSDOT/Liberty Maintenance Inc. These weekend closures run from Friday at 9:00pm straight through the weekend until Monday at 5:00am. During the closures the standard 6 lane bridge (3 lanes NB, 3 lanes SB) are reduced to just 1 lane NB and 1 lane SB for the entire duration of the closure. Scheduling and execution of these closures cannot be understated as staffing and equipment are on site for the entire duration. During these closures multiple TMAs are deployed with hundreds of delineators to execute on the lane restrictions.  In addition to the round the clock coverage provided by Supervisors and Laborers, during these closures AGS contracts multiple Washington State Patrol officers to be on site at all time ensuring a safe work zone for contractors and the public.”

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