Advanced Road Safety Signs and Personal Protective Equipment

Get all the road safety equipment you need from Advanced Government Services, Inc. in Tacoma, Washington. We offer sales and rentals for the following road safety signs and personal protective equipment:


AGS offers well-designed cones that exceed WADOT™ specifications. They have 6-inch diamond-grade top collars, and 4-inch high-intensity bottom collars.


We also have 15-inch and 18-inch Luminite™ work zone Inflatable Light Towers. They are great for various purposes, such as:

• Construction Project and Field Maintenance
• Emergency Rescue
• Field Hospital and Emergency Shelter
• Lighting During Power Outage
• Marking Large Sites
• Nighttime Fruit-Picking
• Roadside Intervention and Extraction

Personal Protective Equipment

Keep safe on the road with our complete PPE supplies. We have:

• Safety Vests
• Stop/Slow Paddles
• Surveyor Vests
• Traffic Safety Gloves
• Traffic Safety Clothing
• Traffic Control Bomber Jackets

Contact us in Tacoma, Washington, for heavy-duty road safety signs and personal protective equipment.